Tell Me Why

Neil Young

 G                           A 
Sailing heartships through broken harbours, 
Emi7                          D 
out on the waves through the night. 
  G                     A 
Still a searcher, must ride the dark horse, 
 Emi7                 D 
racing along in his fright. 
 A      Emi7   G G/F# G/E D Dsus4 D 
Tell me why, 
 A      Emi7 
tell me why. 
      Dmaj7(xx0222)                       G 
Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself? 
             A             G         F#mi             Hmi 
When you're old enough to repay, but young enough to sell. 
 G                   A 
Tell me lies, later come and see me, 
Emi7                  D 
I'll be around for awhile. 
G                A 
I am lonely but you can free me, 
Emi7                      D 
all in the way that you smile.