If You Want My Love

Mňága & Žďorp

   D                  Dsus4 D A
   do you want my love
   let's play the game
   if you think I lie
   then you won't understand
   D                 G   A
   tell me something nice
   touch me with your hands
   say it to my heart, girl
   that you want my love
   D                  Dsus4 D A
   if you want my love
   and I stay by your side
   let's ... till
   the morning light
   I know your name
   D                    G  A
   I won't be afraid to cry
   we laugh all the time
   so stop being scared
   I want your love
   come on
   D                    Dsus4 D A
   I won't ask to be my girl
   better stay good friends
   'cos if we last
   till morning light
   we'll both understand
   do you want my love ... do you want my love ... do you want my love

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