Let´s start

jakub and sablatura

Let´s start 
Along fever that bus 
about with says zero 
that boy , but isn´t king 
stories of him are one 
Let´s start 
again bowe newly  run 
scurried how you clock 
hereto is now that boy 
let´s start heresays my voice 
where is again one song give 
Let´s start 
bid he my voice 
pleged is song fellow 
come  start song 
frog again start 
sing is v to you 
Let´s start 
Let´s start 
fellow dirty sing 
comply z lack paddy at him 
very he is irk 
we it like sings 
Let´s start now song 
when it come 
he is irk 
wind the pleases says 
shock one not ains 
again  it  start don´t know 
but where go again don´t know where go 
Let´s start 
up shock one start pain love 
tear pink  mark letter 
sad is he alone 
summer a spring come 
snow a ice come 
but cover snow ice 
Let´s come 
Let´s come 

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