My heart will go on

Celine Dione

Emi         D 
Every night in my dreams 
G           D 
I see you I feel you 
Emi         D          G 
That is how I know you go on 
Far across the distance 
And spaces between us 
You have come to show 
You go on. 
G    D        C        D 
Near far wher ever you are 
Emi                D          G 
I believe that the heart does go on 
G    D        C        D 
Once more you open the door 
           Emi        D 
And you're here in my heart 
       G             D      G 
And my heart will go on and on 
Love can touch us one time 
And last for the last time 
And never let go 
Till we're one 
Love was when I loved you 
One true time 
I hold to 
In my life 
We'll always go on 
Near far... 
There is some love 
That will not go away 
You`re here,there`s nothing I fear 
And I know 
That my heart will go on 
We`ll stay forever this way 
You are safe in my heart 
And my heart will go on and on....