Banks Of the Ohio

Anglické písničky (směs)

               G              D
1. I asked my love to take a walk
   just a walk a little way
   as we walked along we talked
         G   D            G
   all about our wedding day.
             G                  D
R: And only say that you'll be mine
   and our home will happy be
   down beside where the waters flow
                G    D         G
   down by the banks of the Ohio.
2. I held a knife close to her breast
   as into my arms she pressed
   she cried: oh Willie don't murder me
   I'm not prepared for eternity.
3. I took her by her lily white hand
   led her down where the waters stand
   there I pushed her into drown
   and watched her as she floated down.
4. I started home 'tween twelve and one
   I cried: my God what have I done
   I murdered the only woman I loved
   because she would not be my bride.
5. The very next morning about half-past four
   the sheriff came knocking at my door
   he said: young man come with me and go
   down to the banks of the Ohio.