Irene Good Night

Anglické písničky (směs)

   G           D7               G
R: Irene good night Irene good night
                          C      Ami       D7             G
   good night Irene good night Irene I'll see you in my dream.

     G                     D7
1. I asked your mother for you
   she told me you was too young
                              C         Ami
   I wished to God I'd never seen your face
        D7                 G
   I'm sorry you ever was born.

2. Stop your rambling stop your gambling
   stop staying up late at night
   go home to your wife and family
   there by your fireside right.

3. You caused me to weep you caused me to mourn
   you caused me to leave my home
   but the very last words I heard her say
   was: please sing me one more song.