Summer in Berlin


   Emi           Hmi         D                 A
1. This day's an invitation, and it's just for you
   Emi          Hmi          D               A
   You've got a reservation, for the 17th of June
   H         F#               H                  F#
   Open your eyes and let the sun break in for a while
   H            F#                    H            F#
   There may be something that you've never seen inside

2. Feel how your heart beats, like a heavy machine
   The sound of the traffic is like a silent dream
   The dust in the park, the exhaust from the cars   
   Ascends in that heated afternoon (You touch a sweaty body)

    Emi       Hmi     D       A
R1: Summer in Berlin, it's alright
     Emi             Hmi                        D
    The day feels so tired from the lead in the air and the fire in the
    Emi            Hmi           D                 A
    Life seemed to be a fault of grace - but it's ok
                  Emi         Hmi           D    A
    It gave you a kiss in the middle of the crossroads - Summer in

R2: Summer in Berlin, it's alright (it's alright) (it's alright)
    The heat of the sun which is stored in the pavement feels so
    Here stands the innocent and there it comes oh so wild
    That's when you're longing for a summer by the wall - Summer in

              Emi             Hmi  D  A
    Summer in Berlin, it's alright - Summer in
    Emi          Hmi D  A
    Berlin, it's ok