Remember A Day

Pink Floyd

1. Remember a day before today,
   E          D6            A  E
   a day when you were young.  
   D6              A              
   Free to play along with time
   Em  F#m/E  G/E  A/E  Em  F#m/E
   evening never comes.
   G/E  A/E  E  F#o/E  E  F#o/E  E
2. Sing a song that can't be sung 
   without the morning's kiss.            
   Queen you shall be if you wish.
   Look for your king.

   G/E  A/E
   A   G        D      Em
R: Why can't we play today? 
   A   G        D         Em  F#m/E  G/E  A/E  E
   Why can't we stay that way?
3. Climb your favourite apple tree
   try to catch the sun.               
   Hide from your little brother's gun.
   Dream yourself away.
   F#m/E  G/E  A/E
R: Why can't we reach the sun?
   Why can't we blow the years away?
   Blow away.