Lonely boy

Sex Pistols

   A             F#       D                  E
1. I'm left in misery a girl I love's gone across the sea
   I'm all alone ain't got no home
   Mandy was her name sleeping was her game
   She didn't care about me oh baby can't you see

   A             F#  D            E
R: I'm a lonely boy I'm a lonely boy
   I'm a lonely boy I'm a lonely boy

2. I need her tender touch oh I need it oh so much
   I can't forget I'm so upset
   I wonder where she's gone I wonder where she went wrong
   I wanna get her back to me but I think she's tired of me

R: I'm a lonely...

   C#            D           A                E
*: Everytime I think of her it brings back memories
   C#                      D        E
   I remember how it used to be oh baby can't you see

R: I'm a lonely...

3. Oh my darlin can't you see
   You're the one that means so much to me
   I know I need your tender touch
   I can't wait to feel your crutch
   what a crutch
   I can't wait to fuck it

R: I'm a lonely...

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