Sweet Cliches

The Reason

This calls for a reception. 
For some can take so long, 
And some move in a new direction. 
This direction isn't welcome, it's true. 
I'm coming home, I've got some things to say to you. 
Seasons change with time, 
Feelings come and go. 
These things I realize more than you know. 
I asked her if she missed me. 
I've been here way too long 
And Winnipeg has such a history of separating
What is tired and true. 
I'm coming home, there's not one thing you can do, 
I promise you. 
When you underrate this power of us, 
You place it last and place yourself first. 
When you underrate this power of love,
It stays behind and puts everything above. 
And I cried myself to sleep a million times. 
Sweet cliches that I scribe are theraputic. 
Inside it wasn't effort. 
It was your life and you lived it well. 
There, I said it. 
Now gas up your car for this long trip home. 
I'll go, but not with you.

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