Red Storm


You know I never asked for this
Always knew there was a risk
Should have been this easy

Storm is closing in
I can feel the grinding wind
The panic has calmed me now

Study and train for a worst-case scenario day
When clear thought and reason get tossed out and lost in the fray
Now the red storm is closing in
We can do this, let it begin

Everybody keep your head
Remember what we learned and read
Oh we gotta get through this

Carry what you can
There's no turning back
Gonna make it to the mothership

Strap yourselves in
Let the monstrous wind have its way
Only one way to go when you can't fight the blows of the day
Now the red storm is closing in
If we make it we'll be saved

Near yet so far
And I can't help but wondering where we might be
If we weren't where we are
In the whole universe we're no worse for the wear
And the stars shine so bright
Yet we're hardly aware of the scars our infinity bares