We Are The Undead

The Coffinshakers

Terror from beyond the grave is comin' your way 
Summoned from the shores of Hell 
Bloodlust burning deep inside and no emotions left 
It's only a human shell 

You can't see my reflection when I sneak into your room 
Your life you soon will be giving 
We are spawn of Hell, we are of the Undead 
The mirror sees only the living 

We are the Undead, comin' for you tonight 
We are the Undead, feedin' on your blood 
We are the Undead, walkin' upon the earth 
But we exist only in Hell 

Witchhunters chasing us, ready with their pyres 
Fire won't make us die 
Come on you humans, show us what you've got 
Kiss your life goodbye 

We are the Undead...

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