Downward Spiral Of Morbidity

Dead Congregation

Sinister, unsacred
From ruptured veins flow the names
Mortality untwined
Blood-written texts unleash the untamed

Howling passage pours from the open wound
Awakening the flesh form of chaos
A million eyes forced ajar
Enraged by their disturbed slumber

Planar invocation, a rift reveals abominations
Hideous deformities, marching legion summoned forth
Revelling in suffering; sentries wail upon rebirth
Cold moon dawns a time of death, as horrid souls wake from their rest

Angry forces bring darkness to the daylight sky
Monstrous armies summoned by scriptures and sacrifice
Thirst for life-blood builds in their empty insides
Bodies shed their skin as they prepare to die

Rumble of attacking soldiers; hordes of beasts arrive
Hateful legions born to conquer, enemies arise