Graves Of The Archangels

Dead Congregation

Rotted bones turn in earth: 
while eye almighty gazes 
Sealed behind its lid 
bound by triangular coffin. 

Rotted bones turn in the earth 
beetles crawl undivine tissue 

Soil shifts by movement 
remnant seeks another --- 

A predator's decayed wing 
decorates foreign torso 
A lion's claws, old horns of ox 
& a manlike face rises monstrous 

Rafael, Sandalfon, Michael, Uriel: 
fourfold immortality rid of life 
Debased in mortal graves 
In a shameful uprising rejoined 

Fourfold immortality rid of life, 
fourfold renunciation of
fourfold blasphemy of death. 

Denying their father once holy: 
on arbitrary anatomy 
This hideous mass rises 
to replace