Back In Life


The gate of the eternal temple is opening, it’s so near…
(I am the key…, I am the key…) 

I´m on the burning stairs
closer to the dark horizon.
On a hospital bed….
I’m losing the moments of my reality.
I was a sinner tested by fate
I didn´t know the value of the gift of life
I was a stranger in every street
And maybe it wasn’t me……………..

I´m in an endless space
I can hear the beat of my heart.
My failures paid for my eternity
my bottomless well of sins is full…
I felt young for all my life 
I was close to my unfulfilled dreams
Pictures of the past mean a desire and dream
Lead me through the way of truth; I want to be back in my life.

Stay by my side
I´ve to make a lot of things right
Stay by my side
The time for violence is gone
I pray for those lives
Which remained in front of the Gates
I pray for those souls
Whose voices I can hear every night.

I can see you all,
who live your lives without meaning
Love for your family
Hides disagreements leading to pain and losses.
I am for my doom, as like you.
But I have one chance to open my heart
At the end, we are all the same
From difficulty and disaster to the path of hope.