Crank The System


We always hit the decks with that rough rhyme stylin
Snap back ya neck and keep the tunes a pilin
Can you hear my crew scream I've got anorexia
Damn straight my arse has got to get sexier
It's the free radicals and chemical minds
That slow down ya system and make your world survive
Everybody in the room get on down
Turn up the system move the fuck around
Download it's time to crank up the system
Move the fuck around
Hey , Crank up the system
When we hit ya mind in time you'll feel sublime
Coming up on ya holy, you'll be begging for us next time
Feel the temperature rising on the other hand
Paranoid cut down bustin and in demand
This is the time when ya fakes will be walking
Strip back the phoneys , let this deal do the talking
Hold back just like you understand
This is the dope deal burning in ya other hand
Ya see I'm madball with a taste for flavour
Mr DJ hit the tune to savour
We never seem to like to brag but well
It's the exterminator coming straight from hell
Release the pressure
There's no fresher
I insist
Who hit the brakes , caused the alienation
Shift back and forth , lyrical masturbation
Make the song burn up in every verse
Can you give me time off , fuck you it hurts
Do I hold back , cut back , I feel like a dog
Makin sure it's right
You have come to let loose it's right
Make sure we get it on tonight !