[Intro] You can send us to the state penitentiary You can send us to the
County farm or your county jails and hit us across the head with your
Sticks and let your dogs bite us But we don't care. Cause we ain't scared
Of your jail now, cause we want our freedom! "You understand that nigga?
You understand that?" Real nigga quotes. El Che. Real nigga quotes. Uh, 
Chi-Town. Look, Plug City. "And this I quote" [Verse One] We ain't land on
Plymouth Rock The Rock landed on us So we cut it up and bag it till it land
Us in cuffs I beat a nigga down till he can't stand to get up And spread
The word around till our whole planet gets touched These real nigga quotes, 
They the quotes I hope Can help brothers who sell dope or feel worthless
Broke Malcolm X said we gotta get paid by any means If you don't stand for
Somethin' you'll fall for anything Yeah All for one, one for all Grab a gun
And keep bustin' if I happen to fall Don't look back, cause when they have
You back to the crawl Back to that 9 to 5 with your back to the wall That's
Why I say, "Fuck 'em all" Hillary, Jesse Jack, even Barrack's involved When
Police beatin our ass, none of y'all do a damn thang But you can raise a
Hundred million for a campaign? Homie, you better explain I'm in a cell
With a nigga that look like Ving Rhames When it rains it pours This the
Type of rhyme that'll spark the war Part the floor Empower the poor Read my
Lips Primo start the chorus [Scratch chorus] "And this I quote" [Verse Two]
You want the truth? You can't handle the truth Snitch recruits, federal
Agents on the roof Chicks that's cute Don't turn around when they pull it! 
[Sample of Bill Clinton talking] "I did not have sexual relations with that
Woman" I hope not fam-o Praise the lord and pass the ammo? holy Koran say
To tie your camel That mean protect your interests Block the entrance Don't
Let them hit you off with them new offenses The walls are barred, the guns
The guards You can jail me Still you can't imprison a cause Me against the
World? That just even the odds You hate life, you believe that it's hard So
I'm comin' with these real nigga quotes They the quotes I hope Can help
Brothers who sell dope or feel worthless broke Malcolm X said we gotta get
Paid by any means If you don't stand for somethin' you'll fall for anything
[Different men talking] Uncle Sam, who is guilty of all of thee uh, 
Violations of our rights that have taken place in this country So the only
Way our people can really get some meaningful results It has to be taken
Out of Uncle Sam's hands It is a fact that WE built this country Nobody
Else. I'll explain that to you When this country started, economically it
Was an agricultural country The cash crop on the world market was cotton WE
PICKED THE COTTON! WE PICKED THE COTTON! We did Why do you insist on
Keeping us caged? You know all that does is intensify rage. Every group of
Brothers should have at least one white guy, for safety For when the shit
Goes down, somebody's gonna have to talk to the police. The black man must
Be a provider. He must be a maintainer He must secure and protect the black
Woman. The black man who will not work is a black man who is a drag to the
Black family. A black man who only knows how to make a baby but does not
Know how to protect that child who does not want to feed and secure that
Child is an enemy to the rise of the black man I want you to understand it.
I want to talk to you brother We shall overcome. Just tell me you don't do
That in the revolution You don't do any singin', you're too busy swingin'.
Real nigga quotes

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