Endless Life

Enemy Logic

Fuck it up, break away, take it down underground.
Live alone, trust no one.
Take the world in your hands, hold it tight 'til it bleeds.
Stand alone, endless life.
I tried my best, not good enough.
Pride keeps me strong to try again.
Tone them down, tame their soul.
Never look back, keep it on track.
Live alone, trust no one.
Trust, trust in me.
Live, living destiny.
Living for you and me.
Stand up against your past, stand up for you, stand up for them.
Take everything back, take it for you, take it for them.
Reach the end at the gate, look inside, read the stone.
Live alone, trust no one.
Feel the shock, cuts inside.
In the ground, they're all dead.
Stand alone, endless life.

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