Where You End And I Begin

Enemy Logic

Cower in the shadows
Broken glass rains down.
Your hearts are in your throats
They'll soon be on the floor.
A dark spectre homes in from above.
It will punish what man has failed to purge
As he picks you all off with vicious bane.

Reach on in, take a hold.
Feel the rotten heart beat against your fist.
Look at them, examine them.
Try to find some mercy in their callous eyes.
Draw your knife, threaten them.
Watch them fucking hide from the gleam of the blade.
Plunge it in, skewer them.
Feel the pleasure of vengeance screaming through your veins.

I can't save your life. It's now or never.
We'll burn in hell forever. I can't save myself.

Taste the blood, sever the taste.
A rich coppery accent felt upon your tongue.
Close your eyes, remember the kill.
Review what you've avenged and accept your fate.
Turn the blade, turn it on yourself.
Understand it's either this or you are what you hate.
No remorse, don't preserve.
There's nothing left of you, you've become the monster.

Cut it all out or you'll never be free

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