Can You Feel


Underneath the brave and brand-new sky
A solder's singin'
So I'm writing you this letter won't be long
Till I meet you at the station

For you are the only one I'm thinking of
You are the one that has my love
While you're waiting patiently don't grieve for me
I'll be back someday
Never want to be a hero too soon

Do, do, do,

Though it seems to be so many years 
Since I went away
I'm helpless now I've shed so many tears
Such a rainy day

Take me from this galaxy
Imaginate yourself with me through night and day
Wish upon a star that floats alone
To skies that always look over you
Never want to get a bullet too soon

Can you feel
The raindrops falling down?

Do, do, do,

I can see rain on a distant plain
I could cry watching your picture fade
As the dust settles down after fire

Can you feel

The raindrops falling down?
Like a gentle gunshot fire
I keep moving on down