It Can Happen


Wake up in the morning and find yourself
Staring at the wall
When that nagging urge to take a piss
Has you stumbling thru the hall

That's what you were doing
When that official asshole
Pushed the button
It happened so quick
It happened all of a sudden

Whatcha gonna do now you're a mutant
Whatcha gonna do now that you've changed

It can happen after the meltdown
It can happen now that you've changed
It can happen now you're a mutant
Your world is disfigured
And your life is rearranged

Then you open your eyes again
But you can't see through
Thick clouds of radiation and debris
That's on you
So you walk through the ruins
In a daze for daze
Can't remember how it started
It's all such a haze

Finally the clouds are lifting
And are taken away with the wind
And through your skatered thoughts
Your brain is sifting
It can happen