Teardrops On Your Letter

Hank Ballard & The Midnighters

Teardrops on your letter
That I got from you
Made me realize
Every word you wrote was true

That you miss me
(You miss me)
And wanna kiss me
(Wanna kiss me)
So I'm coming home to you

Teardrops on your letter
On each word I read
Was the sweetest message
That you have ever said

They told me
(They hold me)
You wanna hold me
(Wanna hold me)
So I'm coming home to you

I hate to know
That you been crying
I hate to see
See you blue

But the teardrops
On your sweet letter
Started me to crying
Crying, crying some too
Oh, oh

Teardrops on your letter
Was a certain sign
When we're not together
We're on each other's mind

Cause I love you
(I love you)
I'm thinking of you
(Thinking of you)
So I'm coming home to you

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