Drown The Demon


Don't you deny me
Bare to face
Pain and aggression
I can't bare it

Don't you despise me
Dare to chase
Wealth and possession
Don't underrate me

We have been guided by lust
Drawn to be cruel and unjust

This is a command
Believe in me
Reach out and take my hand

Don't you see?
You are in need of me
Don't underrate me

Predestined to fail and give up
Just sacrife your soul
You can't deny
The demon who is in control

We shall betray
We will rise
To slay and sacrifice
We shall lead you astray
We spread lies
In order to survive

Don't you evade me
Bare to face
Fatal destruction
I can't bare it

Don't you delay me
Dare to lace
Into your enemy
Don't underrate me
We have been tempted to flee
Leaving us idle and weak

Your self-pity is just another excuse to shift the 

With might and main
Shield your domain
We are no victim of our deeds
Just take responsibilities
Fight for yourself and don't return
Before all lessons are learned

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