A Chance To Change My Ways

The Illumination

The broken glass cracking underneath my feet is all that’s left of what we used to be.
You tore apart my head and left me wishing I was dead.
I should have never let you in.
And I can hear the doubt that echoes in your voice,
I know I have no choice.
Where were you when I was losing hope in everything?
Where were you when all I needed was a chance to change my ways?
I knew from the start I’d end up alone,
but still I tried to make you stay.
There will always be a part of you that I could never reach.
I need a way out.
The air is getting heavy and the thought of you is driving me insane.
And I can’t sleep tonight
'cause every time I close my eyes I see it differently.
Where were you?
When I was losing hope in everything.
Where were you?
All I needed was a chance to change my ways…

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