Break free from your disparities 
 Take the reins of your mind.
 Realize the ability to think for yourself 

 One of these days, you'll follow every one
 Off the edge, off the edge of the cliff 
 I'll be standing in the back, watching you fall to your feet 
 Move forward

 It's obvious you lack the ability to form original thoughts 
 In your mind, in your soul, 
 Not even propaganda, you're just unable to take control
 Make use of the mind, and break away
 Only god knows why 

 Stop listening
 Stop following
 Let go, take control and live your life 
 I am awaken

 I am awaken, you are a liar 

 Remember the lessons I taught you, hold them tight
 Never let them go
 Hear my cry, i am alone
 I am alone in this world 

 This is our reason
 Hear my cry
 Let go of me