Just Like Drowning

Silence The Messenger

If we were meant to stand on opposite sides of this river, 
Then I will burn the bridge that leads to you
But what you're missing is misery, 
And I can't wait 'til your world is destroyed.
Now I'm surviving harsh reality while you're just living a lie.

We've resurrected the truth, but is it too late?
Why did you take so long to explain this?
Oh what a beautiful day
When you finally come to your senses.
(I've been defined by)
By circumstance but not by choice
And now I've become the abandoned.
And when I reach for the surface, you turn away.

So here I am I've been waiting.
I've waited for you to see that nothing has changed.
I can't believe what's been left for me, 
I'm plagued with thoughts of regret.
Now, I will be, I'll be too far gone.
There's no turning back.
So in the end, in the end you'll see.
You're just like, just like drowning.

Now I am alone.
Now I'm alone at the top of this mountain.
Now I'm alone at the top of this mountain with no reward, erasing your face... 

Slit the throat of what I'll never have, and with it's death comes my release.

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