I'd call it a drastic measure but I'll open up one eye
I'm all evolved and fully grown, with three dimensions of my own
But hey Mr. Dog - Well I'm just an animal just like you
In a laser beam and a human being
With more fire than the belly of the sun

And inside this business of the gun, well I heard the aero-engines whine
Of a lucky soul and an afterlife and another chance for a darker life
And I pray, cause it don't take god long
to bless those feet that you're standing on
on a one way ride, a heaven vibe, upon wishes or demands
It's time to fly

And I'm suffering the absolute of black-handed days
Been serving with the boys and girls, all the secret rulers of the world
And dark day alive, well once again evil on the throne
Much blacker than the setting sun
I'm hung upon dark feathers
It's time to fly
But I'm hanging in there with intentions so high
That they're purer than air and what I've got on my mind
Is to be cruising on you -
to be full-on on you
to be swooping on you
to be airborne on you
To be carried along
On a current so strong
I'd be glowing from you

So go on and prove me wrong