Mr. Lif

Here's a vision
Imagine a whole globe made with precision
Continents of brown soil with green grass
That compliments deep seas and trees with multi-colored leaves
Mountain ranges that survive through the ages
Plus show expressions of time on rock faces
Now gaze up towards the glorious sky
Only appreciated by a powerful eye
As I understand, man is to cherish the land
As we coexist hand in hand
But as time has past
Man has created a vast
Mass of trash that has the capability to smash
Your natural desire to explore your state of being and
Discover you fire
For instance when a child is born
It posseses no intelligence of hate or scorn
But as it learns of hard ways
It becomes tuned from it's original nature
As we destroy nature in the name of cash
All justified by laws made by the legislature
You never say *rekcufrehtom* cause that claim they aims to
Seek justice but ain't it a shame
That that isn't the case yo we all are so tame
That we're all fair game
That's why they got our name
Address social security number
Even though where you bought your last rest
Or mattress have you saying
"Oh that's just the way things are"
Then I explain that you're so far from your core
You need to explore
I wake up in the morning in war and saw
And go look for more
Weapons being prepared for nuclear war
And then when I found some no this is to god, hit
The ground son
With strong winds to make the clouds run
Step up in the laboratory
Keep it mandatory
Their response: Inflammatory
Now their dome's all puffed up
Cause they *kcuffed* up
Give me the data chips
I'll reverse gravity
So mad they'll flip
Show these *kcuffer's* the light
The adequate side of the scene, natty dips
Mankind should feel the effects
As he rips through the environment
Mash up the Earth's power as if
It were required
The whole things blowin a cold heart
Stand as he asks where the fire went
Trapped in an Ice age and while you're defrostin'
I kick open the door and let some Holocaust in
Then I remain sober in the galaxy
Take the form of the sun
So I can shine emphatically
Then I she'd light on the tragedy
Step aside just to make way for remorse and apathy
Then I perform something you can all see
As I change the climate from cold to balmy
As temperatures rise
I squeeze acid water out of the skies
To burn out your eyes
Cause you could never see what I devise
And get your five lives and nine tries
But usually nobody survives cause I
Elevated far above and beyond
So you could be bombed, crushed to dust
You can be harmed
You can be armed with shanks and tanks
Bayonettes, Missile Threats
Yet I still launch lyrical text
That gets so intense
It could disassemble all of those other meds
So you should fear what the god invents
Since I was sent under the name of Lif
Which means to upLif
It's my never ending duty to attempt to shift your mind
From one train of thought to a more positive state
So then in turn you can create
Control your own fate
Rather than having those with wealth dominate and complicate
Living to the point where we're all imprisoned
People we should all pick our minds Its's Time!
Look at how the world is designed
It's major
We should all walk out of our manger
And start to educate the nearest stranger
Ignorance has no remainder
I manifest, prophesize visions of danger
With seven lines I show you seven signs
Time's of the essence
Choose before you lose your physical presence
Perpetuate wickedness or walk along the path of god
The force from which we were all created
Stand amongst prosperity
Or fall devestated
Another victim of hatred
In a land where nothing is sacred
Except for these thoughts that I share
With no fear - to make you all aware of the nightmare
I see you puttin in a little work but we're not quite there
Climb out of your darkness, the light is quite clear
We're still to concerned with jewels and hype gear
But I'ma drop my thoughts until you open your eyes...Arise
It doesn't matter what your color creed race or size...Arise