Jugular Vein

Mr. Lif

Well I have arrived
And over the years I've tried to sit back
And watch niggas that think they top notch
What did I spot, niggas is sub par
So I came to claim your jugular veins
First name (huh), Last name (whew)
I'm still not ready to reveal my identity yet
Enemies keep testin
May I step back and make a simple suggestion
Please don't approach, I'm highly unstable
Don't pass me the mic cable, I'm infadeable
Let me ? tell my life story, but I got to hurry up
And kick it, because the feds are lookin for me
Once upon a time I had to slay crews
And the story never ends like a treuze
Describe the process first they bruise
Then blood ooze, Down streets and avenues
Cops search for clues, They found a black hoodie of mine
And some raggedy shoes, you could be a casualty too
Traces, I'm in various places, I look like everybody of all races
One of sciences most spectacular cases
A man of the earth to be discussed for ages
The un-just lust at the wars they wage us
Pass me the bong nigga hold the papers

I'm high now, niggas can die now
Every morning when I see the sun rise I bow
Then I stand up, Pick the land up
Got the whole globe in my hand what
Am I disrupting your day, shhh
Listen up the universe has got somthin to say
I translate, while all of my jams wait
All life is clingin to the wings of mans fate
And you can't clip the cords
So I find time for inner reflection when I'm bored
Maybe I'm made of liquid metal like T2
Cause after you blast me my dome is see-through
But I heal real fast, Here comes a real blast
12 mega bombs n ash, And after I get rid of your frame
Why don't you come back to the crib and play some videogames
(doorbell) Thanks for checkin me, sit on the couch
Pick up a controller and lets play Tekken 3
Whoop that ass 4 times now you want to switch
You can use Eddie now I'm Dr. Barsconovich
Lay on my back, spit in your face
Pump up the bass, take your shin sweep the leg
You startin to beg, stomp your nuts headbutt
Break your arm, nigga be ghost oh I forgot your already gone

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