One Way

G. Dep

Come here man, You lookin for beef Get the fuck over, yea
You thought I wasn't, yea hehehehe
Yea look at me, look at me nigga
Come here, know one thing nigga

I think you need to know I'm holdin it down
Wit a hole in this town
It's a hole in da ground, where I stomp
Got these niggaz steady on the watch
Like it's Teddy on da block
If your ready or your not here I come
Nigga you can run you can hide
You can dip you can slide
You can duck you can ride you can flee
I give a nigga, one test now it's one less
That's how easily you can be eliminated
Program to scan rock jams
Get down from where I stand to Scotland
Dustin like Hothman
If that'll stop what you got planned the shot's ?
Ask your man, ask your girl, ask your crew
I'm hittin high, I'm hittin low what a nigga have to do
You want drama I'm a have to act a fool
Had to laugh at the aftermath now I'm after you and

One way or another I'm a find ya
And I'm a  getch ya, getch ya, getch ya, getch ya
One day maybe next week, I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getch ya, getch ya unngghh

Cowardest cats, names don't ring no bell
Been grabbin niggaz up by they coat ?
Coke rhyme but It's dope as hell
Nigga four tooth the ?
Still had to broke in jail
Wit a parole hold just the systems so cold
Had me thinkin under pressure that this kid won't fold
When the feds came in extremely vocal, aint stutta
Shoutin out my ? name and my social
Wasn't to hard to find I stay local
If I would of known you was sinkin I would of bin by coastals
See I'm a do what I'm supposed to
Even if I gotta dress up and knock on your door like I'm the postal
Your ass is grass and that's that
Better strap up your vest and that's that
Come through wit ski masks and black ?
With the boomshack with the crack crack fuckin rat nigga

Just when you thought it was over
But that aint the code of a soldier look over your shoulder
Came through low in the rover knowin ya nova
Trouble was seen then see trouble was me
Double your speed, punch through metal fa sure
I got the metal in store, whatch you medallin for
I used to boost pedals ?
NowI'm ? vocal peddal the four let this settle the score
Now check it
Won't have to rest to switch hands and
Six mill-e-on ree-sons you should switch plans
It a happened all too fast to ? fans
Like a wind brass, shoot glass, shit sand
Thinking it would all sink in like quicksand
But, this is why I direct the shit and
Cut now it's done, what now it's won
Like the Wild Wild West it's Dep and ?

G-Dep singing the chorus in parts
One way
I'm a find ya
Getch ya, one day
But I'm a find ya
One Way
I'm a find ya and I'm a getch ya, getch ya, getch ya, getch ya
One day
But I'm a find ya
And I'm a getch ya, getch ya unngghh