Crossfire killing the innocent, another victim will fall
Who said their time has come - is it our lord, the one who we bow
Down before
Parents crying, the life of their loved ones lay in death before their eyes
Casket bears a child of our future - another victim from the realms
Of cities` crimes
Caught in the crossfire
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war
Wrong us and face our revenge
Silence will be our tool of trade - `til our 9 shouts out
You`re the king of kings on the street - yet your demise is near
Prick us, do we not bleed
Mirror reflects all that you have to fear
Caught in the crossfire
Caught in the crossfire
Another name carved in stone - as they lay to rest
Blood for blood, eye for eye - put it to the test
Call upon me to face the strike - seeing you in the end
As it takes place life goes to waste - all for revenge