Book Of Life

Conway Deborah

Everybody's empty but it's not for food
And everybody's praying here to be rescued
Examining our sins it is hard not to conclude
We're screwed

The world's in flames
These maddened days of black and white
No shades of grey to keep at bay the darkest night
There's never been a song that could save a life

Blow the horn, blow the horn
Give a voice to all the mournful souls
Who search to be reborn tonight
Forgiveness like the sharpest knife
Oh God inscribe me in the Book of Life
I've been hungry since before the dawn

Tired and full of un-cried tears I still can't she'd
Stored up with the unsaid things we never said
You wanted forgiveness
I wasn't ready yet
Now you're dead

To all the souls who lost themselves I sing for you
Apart from that there's nothing more that I can do
And though I know it's useless
It kind of helps me through
Mm hmm


I want to see my children out in the world
Grown into women from little girls
Why wouldn't you that too?
The older you get the more friends you lose

Next year I won't disappear in fire or flood
Next year I'll still be here to do some good
I won't be taken by pills or thrills or wine
I should be doing fine

# I've been hungry since before the dawn #