Howlin' A Gale

Howe Gelb

Well the soul rides 
somewhere inside 
cause the body is a boat 
and maybe mistakes 
were only made to make 
but you better make a note 
land ho, land ho, 
land ho, land ho 
now you?re filling up 
filling up with foam 
and no way to bail 
yeah you?re filling up 
no way to find yourself back home 
and there?s a hole in your pail 
and the wind kicks in 
the way she loves to wail 
and it?s howling a gale 
it?s howling a gale 
water?s getting higher 
up to the brim 
and you?re turning pale 
water?s getting higher 
and it?s all coming in 
and the wind begins to wail 

alone she stands on a pier 
waiting for her love to appear 

well the soul rides 
deep inside 
cause the body, she?s a boat 
mistakes were made to make 
but you better take note 
better keep a float