Worried Spirits

Howe Gelb

Oh my worried spirits 
oh my troubled mind 
woke me up late last night 
just to tell me I wasn’t trying 
what do you think I’m going to answer? 
I know what they told me is true 
Well I must care less about some things I guess 
What am I to do? 
CHORUS It’s hard to take some time 
The strong ones fade 
And the weak ones die 
But you got to keep on trying 
Tell me who’s going to pick up the pieces 
When you start to break down 
Who will be left to answer your questions? 
Take a good look around 
oh my worried spirits 
oh my troubled mind 
tell me what are we going to do 
when the money’s all gone 
and we are losing our home 
it’ll be hard to eat, with a plate on the street 
fighting the dog for his bone 

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