Random Eyes

I see your tears are falling down 
like never before 
You little heart is filled with pain 
You can`t carry it anymore 
You look at the mirror in the night 
What can you see? 
The cover of angel wasted away 
with the tears in her eyes 
Can you change your way? 

Fallen fallen angel 
Don`t you see your wings have broken 
Burning burning in the fire 
The flames are trying your heart 
Your time will come 
You`ll find the peace in love 

I see you`re hanging on the streets alone 
It`s cold and rainy night 
Gloomy face tells everything to me 
I feel sorry for your life 
Seeking for love 
searching for harmony 
of your spirit and soul 
There`s still the One 
who can wipe your tears 
and give you the life 
It`s up to you tonight 

Life is too short to waste it all away 
Day will turn to night 
What did you mean to say 
There is the voice in your heart: 
“Light will show the way” 
Don`t let it be 
You can make the change today

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