Hole In One


The man at the bank said, "Oh lets not talk percentages" 
You work a fourteen hour day and still have two mortgages 
You asked the state for aid 
And they gave you an ad campaign, that didn't help 

So you took your family and joined in the urban sprawl 
Now you can't see the stars as well, but you're near the mall 
You don't know where you stand no more 
In line at some convenient store 
That is way too long 

You used to work your land, fed thousands of mouths 
Now you eat their shit for the money now 
You emptied your heart to fill your bank account 
Well I should talk I'm just the same 
Buy my records down at the corporate chain 
I tell myself I shouldn't be ashamed 
But I am!

Adolescence made her an activist 
Now she is the one who does all the lecturing 
They got eighteen holes 
You should have told them to dig one more 
The dream is dead 

Won't eat their food or wear their clothes 
She always wants to know where her money goes 
But will shell it out for filling up her nose 
So run it up I'll run my mouth 
But never mind the shit 
That I sing about because I'd sell myself to buy a fucking house 
Twelve thousand square foot four car garage 
Tennis court and swimming pool in the back yard 
I know it can seem like a lot 
But that is why I pay someone to clean it up 

We'll clean it up 
My big house!

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