Spahn Ranch (charles Manson)

Church of Misery

Revolution for new generation
 Sex, drug & murder
 I'll show you the way to kill, my children

 Demolition for new creation
 Peace, love & terror
 Pigs must be killed, my children

 So this is the end of time
 I'll give you peace of mind
 Judgement day has coming
 Now you gonna pay the price
 Victory is on my side, my children

 Operation for new domination
 Blind family's power
 Stab them to death, my children

 Sensation for new situation
 We've will to devour
 Go for work to be done, my children

 Now is the time for "revolution"
 Are you prepare for "destruction"?
 Now is the time to "creepy crawl"
 "helter skelter" is comin' down fast!

 Rise! death to pigs! helter skelter!