Who's The Biggest

Bushwick Bill


There was three little piggies and they all went to the market 

and two short motherfuckas, hahaha 

Chopped them down, because, uh 

One little short motherfucka was born into greatness 

Has obtained greatness, because his name is uh 

Bushwick, aka Chuck, four foot eight and straight don't give a fuck 

I got the strength of six men 

With the heart to run up on a muthafucka six ten 

I swear, I knows no fear, this labels me a threat 

Throats get cut, niggas chests get wet 

Some people say I got a short complex, that ain't true 

But I got a short fuse so what's next? 

Now we could go toe to toe or shoulder to nut 

Either way it goes your getting fucked 

Cause you trip and try to size me 

And that type of shit just inspires me 

I don't need no muthafuckin strap 

We could get it on cause I feel I got a (?????) 

Now you could fuck me up and I'ma still squab 

Peelin' more caps than the motherfuckin mob 

Chorus X3 

Who the biggest, little motherfucker you know? 

You the biggest, little motherfucka I know 

I'm the biggest, little motherfucka you know 

You the biggest, little motherfucker I know 

Some hoe nigga tried to play me out the box 

[Now what you do that for?] 

Now I got to knock your ass out 

With the one, two jump to the chin 

I'll wake your ass up and then knock your ass out again 

That's what you get for tryin to test the Chuck black 

A back full of dirt and my foot in your ass trick 

I can't stand a muthafucka fulla talk 

You pull his hoe cord and he can't walk the walk 

Don't let your eyes get bigger than your squabble 

Thinkin' cause I'm small nigga, you can make me wobble 

I got a punch as big as Streisands nose 

Running motherfuckas like some panty hose 

Shit, it takes two to tango 

But one to get his ass kicked 

Now I can get in that ass trick 

Hitting motherfuckas up, Houston style 

5th Ward motherfucker how you like me now? 

Chorus X4 

Now I'm eeny meeny miny fuckin mo 

It seems nobody wants to fuck wit Chuck NO MOE! 

Ever since I put the weight down 

Ever sonce I broke a niggas jaw 

Don't nobody want to play now 

First it was all good, and you were smilin 

Until I broke your two front teeth, and now your whinin 

I told you motherfuckas size ain't shit 

I only wear size 5's but I still kick dents 

You talk shit and I'ma beat that ass 

You come weak and I'ma beat that ass 

You play me cheap and I'ma beat that ass 

And if cheatin bring ya heat then I'ma heat that ass trick 

Don't ever underestimate a nigga with a giant size heart 

And king size trigga finger 

And don't ever fuck wit Wick 

Cause I'm the biggest little motherfucka you know trick 

Chorus X4

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