the blood of our ancestors was spilled from mongoloid scum
but they soil their tribe with oil and blood 
especially for war I'm convinced
against the traitors that ??? the past

holding the banners of national pride
we shall triumph in the name of the aryan tribe
for the greatest idea upon which I call (?)
for the racial cleansing of this decadent world

in the frontline of the eternal war
gunshots sound like thunders in a bulletstorm
our troops attack with intolerant hate
for the glory of the nation and the death of the state
turkey speaks in muslim rapes
we're gonna shoot a nigger when no one escapes
hunting the foreigners of an aryan god
raging war for SIEG ODER TOD!


now proud we march upon our soil
for our warriors, heroes and kings
loyal to our blood, defenders of our lands
proud servants to wotans command

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