La Chat

(DJ Paul-Talking)
Yeah muthaf**kaz! The Platinum plaque bringers of the mothaf**kin' "M"
back in this bitch, nigga.
H-C muthaf**kin' P. Hypnotyze camp muthaf**kin posse.
And it's goin' down, like we always do about this time, nigga, night time.
We about to load them black trucks up. Who we got in this muthaf**ka
We got my girl La Chat, Gangsta Boo, Crunchy muthaf**kin' Black
Playboy Juice, Project muthaf**kin' Pat, Lord Imfamous, and me
DJ muthaf**kin' Paul, the king of the muthaf**kin' "M" town.
And it's goin' down- HYPNOTYZE MINDS HO!

Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!...
Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!

(La Chat)
La Chat, with that gat
The other queen of MemphisHypnotize Camp we got 2 bumpin' bitches...

(Gangsta Boo)
...In the club posted up
Eight hundred dollar bottles
Sippin' Cris f**k a glass
Nigga drink it out the bottle...

(La Chat)
...Don't be hatin' and shit
'Cause we gettin' paid and shit
Ain't no need be lyin' till I die
I'm gon' be lovin' this...

(Gangsta Boo)
...The bottle-yeah gangsta gangsta
Ridin' nigga posted up
Fuck you bitches up when I come gunnin'
Lettin' the lugers bust
Chat, you got my f**kin' back?

(La Chat)
Yeah I got your f**kin' back
Buckin' bitches that be hatin'
Blow their chest up through their back
(Gangsta Boo)
High as hell can't you tell
'Cause my eyes are red as fire
'Bout to f**k this nigga
Take his money- Pimpin' 'till I die
Hypnotyze Minds be the label that pay me
Fuck you other rappers talkin' shit
You cannot faze me

(La Chat)
So you heard it from the queens
HCP we be together
Fuckin' with my family bitch
It's gon' have to be whatever...


(Lord Imfamous)
How can you relate to this
Niggaz they be hatin' this
Purple f**kin' tradin' man
Barely makin' dividends
Burn it man, half in
Better known as "assed in"
All I want is money man
Can't you niggaz comprehend?
Lock and f**kin' load fool
Break the f**kin' law fool
Ain't no attitude fool
This is what we came to do
With them bodies in the bag
Put that dope in the bag
Put that money in the bag
Let's go fool, rat tat tat

(Juicy "J")
They call me Juicy gigolo
Got hoes that fill
A statue of a fool
With them platinum tips
I'm tellin' all you bitches
To beware of the game

I'm tellin' all you niggaz
To beware of the lames
I freak your baby mama
Put her on the house
I got my dick sucked
When I was on the couch
My nigga walked in
He said that hoe was stout
I hit it from the back
My nigga took her mouth

(Project Pat)
By love real my nig
Let blood spill my nig
Shoot to kill my nig
If ya real my nig
Project Pat my nig
I spit facts my nig
Hang with macks my nig
Who tote gats my nig
It's blast or be left
Baller in your blood
White girl up your nose
Ya high off that bud
A slug in the lot
Your car and no strap
Blew your gotdamn brains
In your partner's lap

(Lord Imfamous)
Choose your weapons
But boy choose them carefully
Each of my poisons
Are deadlier melodies
I am the doctor
And this is your therapy
You can have one
So you must get a pair of these
Beat, bound and gagged
Bump off bounty
Place all his pieces
All over county
The shit's very lethal
That I place in the needle
Prepare you for your last trip
To the Cathedral

(DJ Paul)
I seen how TV can hurt
And plus platinum plaques to match
And add them twenties and vogues
And Gucci jackets on backs
We got them Bentlys and Benzes
And all them Lexus on lock
The picture gettin' kind of clearer
I see why them bitches hot
You hoes is strugglin' and starvin'
And wanna rise in the hood
It's cold I'm crankin' up heat
And you wish you could
Y'all wish y'all could get back with us
Then maybe then you could shine
Like the rappers you wish you was
And get off the grind
I'm keepin' one in the chamber
Because I'm filled up with anger
And when I see yo little hoe 'n'
You knowin' your life's in danger
I do a show y'all in the burough
Hollerin' no kind of shit
Is that the best way that you know
To get attention lil bitch
I understand how they feel
They feelin' that they left out
And we the ones movin' on
So we the ones talked about
But niggaz keep it your best
And one day then you'll get a crown
But until then do a hit of coke
And keep feelin' down
'Cause suckaz... that's real