Applause Parody

Dawson Shane

Remember back in the day I could do no wrong.
 You called it poetry when I said bluffing with my muff on
 I wore an outfit made completely out of Kermit the Frog’s
 I had so many fans from little kids to soccer moms.

 So where did I go wrong go wrong go wrong
 You guys used to love when when I acted crazy
 Remember when I had a seizure covered in menstrual blood
 Wasn’t that fun so fun so fun

 They wanna send me away to retirement
 To spend the rest of my days with Kesha and 50 Cent
 I used to have famous friends like Beyonce.
 Now when I call she hangs up.
 The bitch is crazy.
 Remember Just Dance.
 Oh gurl, that song was my jam! Jam!
 And my meat dress.
 oo boo, I wasn’t a fan.

 wrong wrong
 wrong wrong

 That bitch stole my leg.

 Where did I go wrong.
 Where did I go wrong.
 Where did I go so wrong.

 I need to prove them wrong, wrong, wrong.
 I’ll try dressing more normal
 How’s a sheet and face paint.
 Maybe now people will take me more seriously.

 You’re wrong.
 You’re wrong.
 So wrong.

 Tell me what I should do.
 Just act human.
 So I should dress like a man.
 That’s not what we meant.
 So I should be an alien.
 What the fuck, bitch.
 Hey look, now I’m a swan.
 Girl, we’re over it.


 I’m getting real high from all the fumes on my face.
 Starting to hallucinate.


 I’ll wash it up now.
 And just put on my p-Jays. Jays.


 Oh that’s it!
 What’s it?
 That’s your new look.
 Yo! That’s revolutionary, that’s never been done before.
 Wait, I can make it even better.
 What do you think?
 So sad.
 Wait, I can add more things.
 Poop, I’ll put poop on my face, that’s cool and edgy right?

 Ra ra-ah-ah-ah,
 Roma roma-ma,
 Gaga, ooh la la,
 Want your bad romance.