Birthday Spoof

Dawson Shane

Blame it all on Disney
Look what they did to me
And I'm not the only one who turned out like that
Just look at Lindsey
Don't forget about Miley
And the girl from "Even Stevens" 
Even had a sex tape (ugh)

What the fuck
Happened to them

Remember Disney when it had
"Lizzy McGuire" and "That's So Raven"
Then it just got worse with shows
About wizards and underaged stripers (shake it up!)

Do these clothes make you forget
That some of us aren't legal yet
Get condoms and some lube
We gonna rape your childhood

Our parents seems to all agree
To blame it all on Disney
Cause that way it's so easy
To avoid to get blamed

When you work for Disney
It's practically slavery
And then when you turn eighteen
They throw you in the trash

Hey look, It's Mickey Mouse!
How'd he get in my house?

Yo SG, how you be when you coming back to me?
Hey Mickey, soon maybe, but right now I'm kinda busy
Excuse me hoe? Oh fuck no. 
Does Mickey have to slap a hoe?
No Mickey, please don't swing!
I'll do another wizards movie

That's right bitches! (whoooo)

Because Disney was so cheap
You barely made any money
Some of us are working in Walmart and Target.
Let's take a moment to remember
The Disney stars disappeared
Like the guy from "Phil of the Future"
The girl from "Halloween Town" (don't stop)

Pretending we're girls from Disney
Harper wasn't invited to this party (nope)
I'm hanging out with the Biebs
Peeing in random spots

How can we grow up so crazy
All druged up and  slutty
But the kids of Nick grow ok
Oh, wait never mind