Hearts Beating

Skeletal Family

It’s always the same
Always drifting apart
A twist of the knife
Another broken heart
I know it’s not true
When you tell me so
Ever heard of passion

I don’t want you as my shadow
I can’t walk a path so narrow
Still my head as boredom screams –
As boredom screams no more wasting
time my sweetest sorrow dies
Empathise in your confusion
How can minds meet no hearts beating
Let your heart beat show me you’re alive

Twist what I say
And make it real
Bend what you hear
And make it die
Feel, don’t think
Break, don’t bend
You’ll never understand
You don’t listen

Set your sights
But never go there
You don’t dare hope
Because that’s a place where -
dreams can live
and dreams can nourish
and just for a minute
hear hearts beating.

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