The Accident Underwater


Spread apart on a hospital bed
With a purple heart pinned on a
Fossil that's not quite dead
I'm invincible here
Mildly invisibly clear from
warming up to an old friend
Just a connoisseur of dirt
Celebrating my worth

I can count on one hand..useless or not..
The number of useless
Things my useless hands have caught
Fix me medicine
Fix me cast
Fix me strong so I can last

It got so bright it died 
and blew up all over the inside
of my leather white eyes 
And it spread all over

Planned out like a chemistry set
A dogfight with no means to eject..
(they never taught us about that)..
I bought the world as a gift,
Now it's to HEAVY TO LIFT
And that's exactly how i'll leave it
But this elevation is sick
WE can go much higher or lower
Anything is better than this..

Now I remember all the useless things
My useless hands have caught
Fix me ma
Just fix me fast 
Wrap me up so I can last