Fight The Fade

I open my eyes
Seems like the first time
I'm drinking in the sky
And the world feels bright
I'm drawing in my breath
And I'm going in (Sun is rising)
(I feel like I'm flying)

[Verse 2:]
How long's it been
Since I felt salt on my skin
I've been dark so long
Lost sight of right and wrong

Then you came in
And stole my heart away
You changed me from within
And pulled me up from the pit

The Sun is rising (A brand new day is born)
I feel like I'm flying (From the man I was before)
(And) I can't go back
I've seen my reckoning
You taught me that
This life is worth rescuing

[Verse 3:]
Light shining on a face
Of a man who stands changed
It started in my heart
The day you lit that spark



[Bridge X 3]
Ignite the spark that's in my heart
Make me the man you want to see
Ignite the spark within my heart
Cause I've seen my reckoning

Ignite the spark that's in my heart
(I've seen my reckoning)
Ignite the spark within in my heart

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