Immersed Entity

Burning the Masses

Ten thousand years pass as the flesh of a god remnants, 
waiting for the spark of oblation to become nevermore 
suppressive. Scales in the form of spines, Eyes; 
translucent creators of sin and enthrallment. These eyes 
radiate in never ending pattern until it's animation. The 
anticipating factor of an act of blasphemy, pagan like 
and serpentine. The circle created a square, the night is 
luminosity. A vermilion spear of light, a howl of the 
beast soars through the oceans of time. It's time for our 
abstract aspiration to shatter the arms of Morpheus. Now 
we are just a schematic. A figurement of time, a 
measurement of mine. Now we are just a race with a 
visible end. The human race is the only valuable source 
of subconscious sustenance for the underwater ensemble. 
Now we are just a schematic. Let the star-god apocalypse