Dancing By The Pool


Every holiday I come here for vacation 
cause I like the people and the location 
Beautiful girls are having a party - 
they wear nice summercloths and shake their bodies 
When we are lying here staring at the sun 
We don't have any money but we have a lot of fun 

Instead of staying home where life can be so cruel 
Baby me and you we are just dancin' by the pool 

I asked my parents to send me money. 
At home it's raining-I think that's funny 
Cause here it's hot and we are at the beach again. 
I take a bath and then I'll burn my skin 
When we are lying here staring at the moon 
we're looking at each other and we know what'll happen soon... 

Now I'm back home again and everything is boring 
I should be there again I should be scoring 
And I swear to myself that one day I will move there 
'Cause here it is rainin' and there is no pool anywhere! 
Lying in my room I'm thinkin' of this time 
when we are still on holiday and everything is fine

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