Grave Declaration

Unveil my secrets
Hide my shame
Where are you, Lord
When I stab myself
When I mute all the action inside?

I am one with the empty eyes
Staring at nothing, I found peace
Though it's false, it's a fake one
Compared to the peace that you give

Listen to me,
God in heaven, I'm broken
I've reached to the end
Of my limits, I can't take this
Hardship no more
I have come to the point
Where I'd cry in despair
But my tears, they were stolen by fear

I've been robbed, I'm unable
To show You the grief
That is in me
Every scar has an elegy yet unperformed

The endless story
I cry to myself
Give Him the glory
He who gave up Himself

Far, so far, in the distance
I see Your throne, encircled by thrones
Bringing the lightning out, and the thunder behind
Speak of how You are worthy of this seat

I can hear him whisper to me
His voice is soft like the seas
And He brings me peace and rest

Oh, Jesus, exalted be Your name
The Name that's high above all other names
The Name that holds the keys to salvation
Your blood sacrificed set us free
And forever and ever your Name is to receive
All glory, all power, all honor, all blessings and wisdom

If we do not worship the King
All the stones and trees will sing praises to Him

Oh, Saviour of mine
My heart has a desperate urge to cry:
My God, my God, in fear I will bow
At Your throne where I know there's mercy to be found
Tears are fragile, and rare at these times
But this one that came out, I'll give to you
To say that I am Yours
Even in days of sorrow