Lake Michigan

The Broadways

Lets go down to the lake and take a swim in toxic waste.
I dive in the buildings soar so high, i can not see the sky - there's
Something strange about this big city, i thik i could do without this
Big city life.
I'll move to the mountains and build my own log cabin and enjoy being
Alone all by myself instead of feeling lonely on this crowded train
Perhaps it was the industrial revolution that led the way to the
Pollution of our planet and the evolution of technology, pehaps it
Couldnt have been avoided.
The paradox of technology is that it may save what we've destroyed.
But who really cares about cleaner air, factories roar everyday and
Pollute the air away and the landfills and the toxic waste bringing
Disease to out children, water and land.  When I ride the train
Sometimes i get a stare, rarely do i get a smile.
People are so concerned with their identity no one cares enough to
Talk as human beings.
But how can we find a solution without communication, if it's become
Too late for our generation.
Lets go down to the lake and take a swim in toxic waste.