You Use Dirt As A Metaphor For Life



I know who you are, and you are nothing.
You think you are fucking something, 
But you are fucking nothing.
You are empty, you are a zero, 
You are a black hole, 
And I'm going to fuck you
So bad you're going to be cumming out of your ears.

If this is you following your heart, 
Then I feel awful for the world.
The trail of pain you leave behind, 
Floods the sea red.
And drowns what once was pure in your filth.
And I'll admit, 
I'll be the first to apologize, 
For letting you destroy everything I loved.
But that's life, 
And this is your death.
Leave with nothing, 
Come home with nothing, 
Burning your churches, 
'Cause you don't need them anymore.
No one will forgive you.
No one will forgive you for the whore you are.
You are leaving behind nothing but your scent.
No one will care, 
It won't even make a dent.
As you kneel before me, 
Plead your case.
Repeat your last words.
You're God damn right I'm fucking ruthless.
I only breathe to watch you die.
To laugh and smile while your family cries, 
Until the end of time.
You're fucking swine.